Types of Drum Heaters

Custom Heaters and Research offers 4 types of industrial drum heaters for safely heating the contents of the drum. No matter your application or working environment CHR Inc. has a drum heating solution to meet your needs.

Silicone Band Drum Heaters.
Hooks and spring closure.

Silicone Band Drum Heaters

These silicone drum heaters for sale are the most common seen in the marketplace and CHR Inc. offers a silicone steel drum heater which far exceeds industry standards with this drum heater belt. Silicone is an ideal material for use in the construction of high-powered metal drum heater elements as it offers low thermal mass and excellent thermal transfer properties.

This results in a very efficient method of heating. Utilizing an electronic thermostat for accurate temperature control, the heating element delivers a uniform heat from precisely positioned PFA coated, multi-stranded resistance heating elements.

Proper applications of this type of drum heater include reducing the viscosity of materials such as oils, grease, soaps and other materials which needed to be poured or pumped more easily.

The silicone drum heaters provide a more aggressive heating delivering all the heat in rather narrow band is designed for steel drums.

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Base Drum Heaters.
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Base Drum Heaters

Steel drums can be placed on the base drum heater to have heat delivered directly to the bottom of the drum.  Very robust and durable as well as convenient to use, the Custom Heaters and Research Base Drum Heater delivers 900 watts of power.

A 2mm thick steel platen is heated via a silicone insulated etched foil heater giving a uniform temperature across the platen face. Insulated with 2” of high density “rock wool”, the heat transfer to the base is minimal.

The base steel drum heater is best used in the following applications:

  1. Tough industrial environments where the most durable heating solution is needed and/or the ease of simply placing the drum on the base drum heater is advantageous.
  2. When melting frozen items or liquefying solids putting heat directly the bottom of the drum is best. Melting the contents of the drum with a side drum heater results in a pyramid shaped solid at the bottom which is the last to melt.  The base drum heater addresses this issue head on.
  3. Getting hot fast matters – combining the base drum heater with another of Custom Heaters and Research’s other drum heating products allows additional heat to be safely put into the drum
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Full Coverage Drum Heaters.
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Full Coverage Drum Heaters

Our drum heating jackets are designed for use with both plastic drum heaters and steel drums and barrels. These full coverage drum heaters are insulated to assist with the heating process.

The heating elements are bonded into the liner of the heating jacket providing an evenly dispersed heat over a larger area. This plastic & steel drum heater delivers a gentle even and efficient heat. Having the drum covered and insulated aids in the efficiency of the process.

Any of the drum heating jackets can be used outdoors with the insulation lid installed.

The Full Coverage Heating Jacket is best used in the following applications:

  1. A more efficient heating is desired and having the drum covered and insulated is required.
  2. The working environment is very cold and/or the target temperature is high (greater delta)
  3. Outdoor applications
  4. A more spread out/gentle heat is desired; heating plastic drums and barrels
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Induction Drum Heaters.

Induction Drum Heaters

Custom Heaters and Research offers two types of industrial heaters that use induction: a Base Drum Heater and the Cylinder Drum Heater.

Induction creates energy/heat transfer is by alternating magnetic fields.  This means that there is no heat transfer by conventional methods.  There is no need for heating elements; the heater remains substantially cooler than the drum being heated.

This is performed by a single induction coil, completely encapsulated in the cylinder which is made from glass reinforced resin.  Installation is a snap because the lightweight heater is simply placed over the drum. Physical contact is not required.

The coil is connected to a single phase AC mains supply and generates heat directly and uniformly in the drum wall.  Steel or other magnetic material is required.

Hazardous Locations/Explosion-Proof

Class 1, Div 1 and Class 1, Div 2 suitable.  BASEEFA & ATEX certified

Due to the absence of heating elements having completely encapsulated electrical components makes the induction heaters an ideal solution for heating drum in hazardous locations. In fact, these types of industrial explosion-proof heaters are safe left unattended.

Uniform heating is delivered because it is the metal drum itself which is getting hot.  This eliminates any hot spots and is very gentle to the drum contents.

Since the heater itself is much cooler than the drum, spillage doesn’t present a fire hazard and working close to the heater is comfortable.


The magnetic properties of the drum creates the heat, so there very little heat loss and power usage is extremely low. By using the entire drum wall to input heat energy, the fastest practical heating rate can be achieved. Induction Drum Heaters are best used in the following applications:

  1. Heating to be performed in a Hazardous Location
  2. The fastest time to temperature is required
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