Digital Submersible Teflon Tote Heaters

Custom Heaters & Research’s digital teflon industrial submersible heaters can be used for heating totes or tanks and is simple to operate. Our industrial submersible heating elements are durable,
temperature accurate and very efficient because the heat is delivered directly to the material itself.


  • Overall dimensions 33″ x 3″ diameter
  • Teflon encapsulated heating element
  • Silicone bumpers to keep the industrial submersible heater off the sides of the tank
  • PTC heating element – reduces chance of burnout
  • Power cord – SJTOOW – 14′ long
  • Power – 1800 watts
  • 120or 240V models available

Weather-Proof Digital Temperature Control System

  • NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • Process value & set point displayed
  • Dual digital control readout 0-400C, 0-400F range +/-0.5%FS
  • Power cord SJTOOW – 14′ long
  • J thermocouple housed in a PFA sleeving

Digital Submersible Heater setup

Digital Submersible Heater keypad up close