Silicone Rubber Properties of Silicone Rubber Heating Blankets

pre-formed-stack-2Silicone rubber is ideally suited for the production of heater mats with its low thermal mass and superb electrical insulation properties, it allows high power densities with fast response to temperature control. One of the important properties of silicone rubber is that it has a wide temperature range tolerance of – 60°C to 230°C. It’s also thin and lightweight, which gives it a distinct advantage over other forms of heating elements. Where direct precise and intimate heating is required, a silicone heating blanket is the ideal solution.

Using evenly spaced resistance wires laminated between sheets of silicone, wire wound silicone heater blankets are ideal for prototyping or problem solving applications. Manufactured to customer specifications, our silicone rubber heating elements can be made in a limitless range of shapes and sizes. High flexibility in silicone rubber heating blankets can be obtained using tough, robust materials which are finding ever increasing applications in industries.

Type: Silicone Rubber
Dimensions: Width 940mm maximum x Length 3000mm maximum
Nominal Thickness: 0.7mm-3.0mm
Construction: Two ply woven glass textile reinforced silicone rubber Temperature: -60°C to +200°C maximum continuous 230°C short term

Physical Silicone Rubber Properties

Weather & Ageing Resistance: Very Good
Ozone Resistance: Very good
Gas Permeability: Adequate
Steam Resistance: Good — up to 130°C or 2.5 bar
Fungus & Bacteria Resistance: Very Good
Combustibility: Various Flame retarding materials available
Good Resistance to: Acetone, Alcohol, Formic Acid, Brake Fluid, Chlorodiphenyl, Acetic Acid, Greases, Polar Solvents, Hydrochloric Acid 10%, Sulphuric Acid 10%, Waxes, Plasticisers
Thermal Conductivity: Watt/Meter/K 0.22
Specific Heat: Joule/Kg/K 1623