Process Temperature Control

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    Process Temperature ControlPlastic Manufacturing & Reducing Viscosity

    There are many applications where having the contents of a tank maintained at consistent temperature is essential to produce the best product or to have the product viscosity reduced so it is be able to be pumped and flow properly.

    From manufacturing Packing Peanuts, warming high fructose corn syrup and manufacturing plastics, having a consistent temperature for the contents of the tank can be required to produce a quality product, increased output or a reduction in viscosity.

    The process temperature control project in the attached photos shows (2) 10.0” Diameter x 20’ tall tanks located outside Dallas, Texas.  The facility manufactures a specialized plastic enclosure for the Electrical Utility Industry.

    The plastic enclosures, which this firm manufactures, are buried underground; the electric utility makes connections inside the enclosure and these must stay dry and safe from any rodents or insects.  Manufacturing this high grade plastic enclosure requires that the materials when mixed are at a consistent temperature.

    Having the resin and powders stored in these twin tanks heated and maintained at a consistent 90F ensures that the most consistent and highest quality product is produced as well as producing the highest yield.

    Gentle heating is essential so as not to damage the temperature sensitive materials.  CHR Inc. provided a complete turn-key process temperature control system.

    Component 1 – Custom Built Heating Jackets

    Built to fit the tank, accommodate the inlets, outlets, ladder and manway, this Heating Jacket provides accurate temperature control, insulates the tank and is designed to withstand the sun and rain.

    • 15,000 watts of power
    • 480v, 3 phase operation
    • 100 Ohm RTD temperature sensing
    • Heat Sealed Construction for outdoor use
    • Insulated to R8 insulation value
    • Quick-disconnect terminals for easy connections

    Component 2 – Custom Silicone Heaters

    Manufactured to fit the cone shaped bottom of this silo shaped tank, these Silicone Heaters were equipped with an All-Weather permanent PSA backing.  Easy to install these heaters are supplying 17,000 watts directly to the bottom of the tank where the materials are headed toward to outlet.  Effective, efficient, safe and even heating- maintenance free.

    • 17,000 watts of power
    • 480, 3 phase operation
    • 100 ohm RTD temperature sensing
    • All weather PSA for outdoor use
    • Quick-disconnect terminals for easy connections

    Component 3 – PID Logic Enabled Temperature Controller

    To manage the process of the heating the (2) tanks, CHR Inc. provided ready to use Temperature Control Panels.

    These PID Logic enabled Temperature Controllers are delivered pre-wired, programmed to suit the particular heating application, have Quick-disconnect terminals for the Heating Jackets and Silicone Heaters to mate to.

    The client only needs to mount it to the wall and bring supply power to the terminal block provided- ready to use.

    • Hammond steel enclosures
    • Plastic viewing windows
    • Solid state relays for power output
    • Heat sinks provided to dissipate heat
    • PID Logic enabled maintains temperature within 1 degree
    • Quick Disconnect Terminals for easy connection to the heaters

    Each of the 3 components are essential to the project’s success. The silicone heaters delivered the most power, but insulating and heating the upper portion of the tank was also a key component.

    The PID Logic enabled temperature controller maintains the process temperature control system.  All built ready to use and all maintenance free.

    CHR Inc. provides these solutions turn-key.  We can perform the thermal analysis, design the Heating System and Temperature Controller, manufacture and deliver all ready to use.

    What can CHR Inc. design for your firm?