Tote heaters help maintain strict temperature requirements when storing or transporting chemicals, industrial supplies, or liquids. This can become an issue during the winter, especially if you’re not using an effective industrial heating blanket. Ensuring that our IBC tote heaters are made with high quality materials, and that you have a way to track the temperature inside your tote is important.

Custom Heaters & Research has developed high quality tote tank heaters that are energy efficient, temperature accurate, and easy to install. With our tote heaters, you can easily heat a 275-gallon tote, a 330-gallon tote, a 350-gallon tote, and any other size of container that you need heated.

What are Tote Heaters Used for?

Tote heaters serve numerous purposes, and can be used to heat many different liquids. But, the main ways that people use IBC tank heaters are to:

  • Control viscosity
  • Warm tote contents
  • Protect against freezing
  • Thermal mixing
  • Maintain a specific temperature

Tote Heater Products

Custom Heaters & Research has in-stock tote heating blankets, which may solve your immediate need. We also specialize in producing and engineering custom IBC tote heaters that will meet your specific needs or challenges. Contact us today, and let us know the size of the surface you need heated and its specific application and contents- so we can recommend the best tote heater for the job.