Order a Custom Silicone Heater

Our custom silicone rubber heaters are built to any specification. Our flexible silicone heaters can withstand the toughest temperatures and compared to other types of heaters, they can produce a greater amount of power.

Pipe Wrapping

Types of Construction:

CHR’s custom silicone rubber heaters can be constructed in one of four ways depending on your particular application and which construction type we feel will work best in your situation.

  • Etched Foil
  • Wire Wound
  • Kapton
  • Preformed

Wire Wound Flexible Silicone Heaters

Typically, we will choose wire wound to design our custom silicone heating pads because they’re the best solution for prototyping and provide a long-term solution for surface heating. This allows us to manufacture our silicone heating pads to your specifications and requirements. Another reason we choose wire wound so often is because they’re the best for low volume requirements and its electrical properties give it a distinct advantage in the right application.

Installation and Fixing

Our All-Weather PSA self-adhesive option is a simple and easy way to adhere our silicone heaters, which provides superb bonding results; even to many low energy materials.

When installing and removing the flexible silicone heaters is required, we have a variety of options such as straps, Velcro, hooks, and even magnetic-backed options.

Thermal Temperature Control

We can install thermostats right into the silicone heaters or a wide range of thermal control sensors which can be incorporated onto the heaters. Thermocouples, RTDs and limit switches.

These custom silicone rubber heaters can be designed to work with the temperature controllers we provide or to work a system of our choosing.

Expected Delivery Time

CHR can perform the thermal analysis and providing a complete heater design. CHR can manufacture almost any shape and size heater in a short period of time and can usually have it shipped to you within a few days. From design to prototype to production, spares parts and after sale service, CHR can meet your needs.

Download the Installation Manual