Custom Heaters Built to Fit Your Need

Need Custom-Designed Industrial Heating Equipment?

CHR has designed many industrial heating solutions that were made to fit a specific need. We’ve designed epoxy curing resin heaters for wind turbines, custom heating equipment for Lockheed Martin, and compressor heaters for the U.S. Military. Depending on what you need a heater for and the area that needs to be covered, we design custom industrial heating equipment that uses the best heating process for your situation. How do we manage that? Experience.

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Unmatched Experience

Since 1993, our motorsports division has an extensive background providing World Championship winning teams with industrial heating equipment that is designed to be handled constantly and withstand the rigors of the racing paddock. Our Industrial Heating Division supplies heaters to all industries including the U.S. Military, local power authorities and mining operations, which endure some of the harshest environments and aren’t cared for with “kid gloves”. By developing industrial heating solutions for over twenty years, we’ve handled custom heating equipment for almost every situation.

Examples of our Custom Industrial Heating Equipment

Depending on what you need the heater to be used for, we’ll work with you to make sure the heater is built to fit and performs the way you need it to. View some of the industrial heating solutions we’ve designed in the past and request your custom heater to get a solution for your unique need.

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