Custom and In-Stock Drum Heaters
CHR carries 4 types of in-stock drum heaters for safely heating the contents of any drum – Full Coverage, Base, Induction and Silicone Band Heaters.
Custom and In-Stock Silicone Heaters
No matter what type of application we have a flexible silicone heater perfect for your needs. Including Etched Foil, Wire Wound, Kapton Heaters or Pre-formed Heaters.
Custom and In-Stock IBC Tote Heaters
CHR’s heating blankets wrap around IBC totes, and are drawn snug by 4 Nylon straps and quick-release buckles. We also carry Dual Zone, Under Tote Heaters and Submersible Drum Heaters.
Tote Heaters: See Details Drum Heaters: See Details Silcone Heaters: See Details Gas Cylinder Heaters: See Details Explosion Proof Heaters: See Details